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  • How to restore my old suspended ceiling?
    Converto gives you the opportunity of using your old panels to give them a second life by covering them with the Barrisol® membrane. All you need to do is painting the T-bar if needed.
  • Does my panels need to be new to cover them?
    NO, your existing 1/2’’, 5/8’’ or 3/4’’ rigid panels are perfect for Converto cladding. Furthermore, by recycling your existing panels there is no need to redo the cut-outs which save a lot of time.
  • Can I install the Converto suspended ceiling panels myself?
    YES, this is an easy and fast process that can be done in a few steps (identification of your panels, transport and installation), in addition to reduce your cost.
  • Can I change the Converto panels?
    The Converto panels are custom made at our manufacture from the specific cut of your ceiling. Our assembly process allows to offer you the 10 year warranty.
  • How should I proceed to have new panels with the Converto ceiling system?
    For the basic panel, two options are available : You can buy all your rigid panels at your local hardware store (ideally 5/8’’) and cut the non-standard panels. Then send them to us with your choice of finish and color. Converto can provide the panels (with additional charge for the cut-outs, transport and depending on your panel selection: acoustics, fire rating, etc.) We can supply new panels or the recycled one.
  • Can we paint the suspensions (T-bar) of the suspended ceiling?
    YES, just clean them with a suitable solution and paint them using a latex paint. The specialist in painting at your hardware store can also help you. We recommend to use a finish matte to reduce imperfections of the old structure.
  • How many colors and finishes are available for Converto color card?
    You can choose among hundreds of colors and about 10 finishes from the Barrisol card (world leader in stretched ceiling)
  • What is the fire rating?
    We are using the Barrisol® membrane and they all have the CAN / ULC-S102.2 fire rating. Regarding the basic rigid panel, it will retain its original properties, like acoustic or fire retardant. Different specifications are available on the market.
  • What is the warranty of the Converto suspended ceiling?
    Converto grants a 10 years guarantee on the tension of the membrane on the panel.
  • What sizes are offered?
    We are using standard panel 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ We are offering personalized panel 4’ x 4’ We make custom 3D shape, circle, triangle, etc.
  • Does Converto offer printed panels?
    YES, we can print any logo, picture or specific color. The image can be distributed over the entire room.
  • What kind of metal suspension should I choose (T-bar)?
    Converto gives you a ameloriation of the acoustic in the room, not soundproofing.
  • Is it possible to hang Converto panels without using the traditional metal suspension?
    YES, we offer a suspension system with cables 1/16’’ (300lbs tested).
  • Does the Converto suspended ceiling panels are washable?
    The membrane can be easily cleaned with a soft rag and a soap without ammonia.
  • I would like to reduce the echo in my room. Is Converto will be helpful?
    YES, our system lets the sound pass so your acoustic panels can absorb the echo in the room. In specific case, it is possible to use the BARRISOL® membrane micro-perforated to improve sound absorption and reduce reverberation.
  • Does the Converto ceiling offer soundproofing for noise coming from the neighbor living above?
    Converto gives you a ameloriation of the acoustic in the room, not soundproofing.
  • Can I deliver the panels directly to your factory to save on delivery fees?
    YES, even if our delivery fees are reasonable, you can take care of bringing them to our factory.
  • I have a restaurant and I can’t afford to leave my ceiling without panels for a long period of time. What is my options?
    Our production delay is 6 to 8 business days. We can provide regular panels for you to install while the production is ongoing. In a specific case like that please contact us for more information.
  • Can I use different finishes for my suspended ceiling?
    You can choose the type of ceilings that meets your needs! Some customers choose a partial application and some others want different finishes or colors. With the Barrisol® membrane you will be sure to have the same color as your initial choice if you have some modification to do in the future.
  • Does the stretch ceiling membrane used on the panels is harmful to health?
    All the Barrisol® membrane are certified without Phthalates, Cadmium, Mercury and Arsenic. They also have the highest note in accordance to the current legislation on the level of emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the air quality.
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