Converto system allow an easy access to all the different elements of the ceiling (plumbing, cable). Available in standard format: 2'x2' and 2'x4' and tailored 4'x4'.


The Barrisol® stretched ceiling membrane is waterproof and high quality. The maintenance of the panels is very easy. Converto give a 10 years warranty.


Create a ceiling to your image with a large choice of colors and finishes. Personalized your ceiling with different options offered by Converto: printing, various shapes, 3D shapes, translucent for lighting and more.

Converto panels allow to correct the acoustic of a room while maintaining an exceptional design. They are perfect for conference room, movie theater and offices.


When used in renovation, suspended ceiling panels already in place can be reused. Very nice way to preserve the environment and save money because you don’t have to redo all cuts.




The essentials of the suspended ceiling Converto!

  • Standard format :

    • 2’x2’, 2’x4’, 4’x4’

  • Custom made :

    • Different shape (circle, triangle, diamond…)

    • ​3D

    • Printed

    • Translucent for lighting

    • Mirror membrane

  • Thickness of standard panel :

    • 1/2''

    • 5/8'' (mostly used)​

    • 3/4''

  • Characteristic :

    • The panel must be rigid

  • T-Bar (suspended system) :

    • Standard on the market : width 15/16’’(1 inch) 

    • For the ½’’ – please contact us!​

    • In renovation, the actual T-bar is reused. Can be repainted to fit the new ceiling

  • Recessed :

    • Recessed spotlights, ventilation systems, sprinklers, speakers…

  • Colors and finishes :

    • Converto is using the Barrisol® stretched ceiling membrane for their world renown and wide choice of colors and finishes.

  • Maintenance :

    • Converto system is easily washable with a soft rag and soap

  • Warranty :

    • 10 years warranty


new panels

existing panels


Converto - Custom made

  • Our product fit perfectly shapes and cuts of your panels.

  • Personalized colors, logo or picture printing? Everything is possible.

  • Recessed spot light, ventilation system, sprinklers and speakers can be done easily.

  • We offers custom made panels 4’x4’.

  • For more adventurous people, share your ideas to us and we will assist you in this creative process.



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